19.04.2014 - Stop TTIP Protesty - po celom svete

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19.04.2014 - Stop TTIP Protesty - po celom svete

Poslaťod pirate_slash » 25 Mar 2014, 18:02


Well, you all anticipated it: "Something is gonna happen regarding TTIP protests before the EU elections" - and now it's fix.
As the title hints, on the 19th of April 2014 - that's in approximately 1 month - there will be an international protest day against TTIP
and all the other nasty stuff trading our social acchievements away like CETA, TPP, FISA, etc.

>>> google protestmap <<<

concrete aim:

Bringing so much people to give a promise to participate at one of the stop TTIP protests on 19.04.2014 before this date is reached, that
this causes media to provide wide media coverage of this date before it’s actually reached - which, as a consequence, then again causes
massively more people to get to hear about the date and give a promise to participate.

demo concept


Current status quo respectively the process of putting the demo concept into action in real time

https://www.loomio.org/d/F2BZAeRo/19-04 ... ta-zombies


Please make sure, that you participate at the Stop TTIP Protests on the 19th of April 2014 ! For this please put this To-Do-list into action:

1. Organize a stop TTIP demo in your place, at least in your capital city, and in this context do as fast as possible
  • 1st thing to do for this - and that as fast as possible: Entry the demo location in this pad, and additionally, set up a neutral related facebook event page for your demo, where people can promise that they will participate, and link it in the pad - this point is very important and just takes less than 10 minutes, so go for it !
    • The swedish location Linköping already put this point into action 3 days ago, and so is a good example for how to do it:

2. promote your demo so that a lot of people will participate !

As soon as the pirate movement made it's contribution to make sure that things start rolling, it's time to get in contact with coalitions of actions and other organizations and
ask them to join. It's better to do this as neutral as possible for instance by using neutral accounts in order to get in contact with others and first of all contacting
organizations, which have no problem to join a demo where also the pirate party is.

We have an irc channel #stopTTIP (Freenode) - http://webchat.freenode.net/
We have a platform neutral protestwiki - http://protestwiki.de/wiki/StopTTIP

We have Anti-TTIP flyers ! They look nice and each pirate party can build up on it, by making other language versions of it:



- InDesign http://cloud.piratenpartei-ooe.at/publi ... 3-ppat.rar
- PDF http://cloud.piratenpartei-ooe.at/publi ... 3-ppat.pdf
- PDF for printing (onlineprinters) http://cloud.piratenpartei-ooe.at/publi ... inters.pdf

Sry, that they're not in english, yet; that will change, but that needs time...

/ aka Oliver
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